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What is a Kansas Wheat Festival Button for???

Each year there is a contest, usually early in February for the design of the Annual Kansas Wheat Festival button. This winning design is used for that year's promotions. It's placed in ads, on programs, on billboards, on shirts, as stickers, in commercials and of course, on the buttons.

Buttons are produced with a special identifying number on the back of each one.

They are sold by the Chamber of Commerce.

So what are they for, other than to show you support the Kansas Wheat Festival??

-The Medallion Hunt: Purchase your button & have at registered at the promoted location (usually at one of the Sponsor's locations) and you are ready for the Medallion Hunt. A "Medallion" is hidden and the week before the Kansas Wheat Festival, each day a clue is released for you to hunt down & find the it. If you have a registered button and find the Medallion, your prize is $1000! You can still hunt for the Medallion without a registered button. If you do find it, your prize is $100.

-FIND THE CHAMBER TABLE!!! On the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings of the Kansas Wheat Festival, find the Chamber Booth. You need to register your button EACH NIGHT to be eligible for that evening's prizes. You must be present to win as ticket numbers will be called off.

Each evening to register your button, you show your button number to the Chamber Table staff & they indicate on their list that you have checked in. Then, for each button you are registering, you will be given a raffle ticket. One side of the ticket you write your name and phone number on the back & the other you tear away to save your ticket with your numbers on it. Later in the evening ticket numbers will be read from the stage. If your numbers are called, please come up to claim your prize!

-Monday, July 17 we will draw from all the entries that did not win a button prize and there will be ONE GRAND PRIZE $500 CASH winner (Sponsored by Impact Bank) You do NOT need to be present to win (this is why it is important to place you name and phone number clearly on the backs of the tickets.). Winner will be announced on the KWF Facebook Page.

We are so lucky to acquire SO MANY GREAT prizes!!

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