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Business Resources

Doing Business in Wellington

Business Incentives: City of Wellington

Sumner County Economic Development

Wellington (67152) Sales Tax: 9.5% as of April 1st, 2017

District                                                       Rate

Kansas State                                                     6.500%

Sumner County                                                  1.000%

Wellington                                                        2.000%

Total                                                          9.500%

Eco Devo
Economic Developement

All inquires reach out to Sumner County Economic Development:


314 N Washington • Wellington, KS  67152

Stacy Davis, Executive Director

Important Information
Important Info

The Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce/CVB is partnered with the Grow with Google Program. Let us know what resources you need for your business! 

Network Kansas  - NetWork Kansas is growing an entrepreneurial environment in Kansas by cultivating resources to start and grow small businesses. We are a statewide network of non-profit business-building resources that help entrepreneurs and small business owners startup and grow successful businesses.

Existing Kansas businesses with the intent and capacity to grow may be eligible to apply for special technical assistance.

Red Tire Program - We match qualified alumni from any Kansas university with businesses whose owners are looking to retire.

Please see attachment and links below:

Sumner County Leadership Initiative

Engaged Kansas encourages and supports people to consider public service

Engaged Kansas is here to demystify public service and make it more accessible for anyone interested in shaping their communities. We know change and progress comes from individuals who act from the ground up.

Sumner County needs leaders to fill our local elected positions and to lead our community, civic and charitable organizations.  The Sumner County Leadership Initiative identifies and grows prospective Sumner County leaders and provides them with the tools they need to be comfortable stepping into a leadership position that can help sustain and grow our communities and Sumner County.


Application/Nomination: SCLI Kansas

To learn more, please visit their website.

Sumner County Economic Development Commission

Stacy Davis, Director

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