Chisholm Trail 150 (2017)

Are you interested in serving on this committee? There is a group of Sumner County individuals planning events and activities to celebrate the Chisholm Trial's 150th. If you are interested, please contact the Sumner County Economic Development Corporation or the Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce.

To become involved in the Sumner County Planning team, email to get signed up.

To learn more about this initiative, visit the website:



Wellington History of the Chisholm Trail 

Local tales relating to the Chisholm Trail and its hardships, cowboys, and adventures include a story, that may also have some factual basis. When Wellington was attempting to procure some of the cattle drover business away from Sumner City, some men from Wellington plowed a furrow from a point on the trail, bypassed Sumner City, and proceeded into Wellington. From then on, when herdsmen asked directions they were told to follow the trail.

Wellington was first surveyed on April 4, 1871 and named for the Duke of Wellington. It was designated as the permanent seat of Sumner County in 1872, winning over competitor Sumner City. Trading with cattlemen moving their herds up the Chisholm Trail was an important factor in the early economy of the town.

Located just off the Kansas Turnpike, Wellington is home of 8,000 people. Home of the Chisholm Trail Muesum in Wellington, KS in Downtown Wellington Historic District. Wellington although no longer a large cattle town still has a booming economy with an active downtown that is the second longest intact Italianate architecture downtown in the State of Kansas.